Em // Everyone’s Favorite Girl Next Door.


A little throwback treat from a senior sesh last fall.

We met in dance class when she was just a freshman (with sass and confidence like no
freshman I’ve ever seen!). But let’s cut to the chase- we became fast friends real fast.

She lets me spill all of my boy problems out and she never judges or makes fun. Just a simple
“I know. I know.” as we stuff our faces full of Vietnamese food. Many a girls’ nights spent with
Harry & Sally. And SO many car rides belting (oh, I mean BELTING) Adele at the top of our lungs.

Oi, I love her.

A little look into the life of your typical girl next door, flash dance, hot librarian combo.

Em1 Em4Em6

Mm, I love that crinkle nose!



Em22Em24 Em23

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.






You better believe it. Em40

This one’s for Latvia.


It’s a special kind of thing when you get to photograph someone who means a lot to you and it elates me

every. single. time.


In other news, I just scored a HEAP of costumes donated byThe Bargain Shop for a big fat feature short film coming up this April.

[song: The Way We Move // Langhorne Slim & The Law]

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