As many of you know, myself and Don, from Don Barrington Photography, have teamed up as a collaborative force called Loose Leaf weddings to bring dynamite joint photo + video coverage to Alaska’s best of betrothed lovers. Now, all of your wedding stills + film needs are seamlessly woven and worked into joint photo + video coverage packages that are sure to blow those socks of yours right off.

For all you free spirits.
For you all you art lovers.
For all you who value the beauty of capturing real moments and telling great stories.

Come check us our and tell us about yourselves at our website. We’d love to capture and recount the still and moving story of the day you joined your lives together.

What does this mean for Beauty Board?

Under Loose Leaf this coming season, we will be solely focusing  on taking on and featuring weddings and couples who are looking for joint stills + films coverage. However, myself and Don will still be taking on separate weddings and independent bookings underneath our own existing businesses. So, the skinny of it is this:

Under Loose Leaf, I will be the films side of all our joint stills + films endeavors. So, if you know anyone who’s looking for a kick ass stills and film wedding day experience- send them our way!

Under Beauty Board, I am still available for bookings outside of Loose Leaf for anyone interested in just a wedding film or just wedding photography. I’ve for new pricing guides are hot off the press for both Beauty Board and Loose Leaf, so if you or anyone you know is looking- let me know and I’ll send you more information!

So tell all yo’ friends.

Loose Leaf is happening.
Beauty Board is happening.

And this summers weddings are going to be. GREAT.


LLW Credit 1

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