Sometimes, there’s not even a ring on it. You’re just in a lotta love and you gotta savor it in the sultry sunset.

Eat your heart out babies.


You never knew there were so many splendid places tucked away off the tail end of Spenard.

In fact, that’s the way I feel about this whole town. TRUTH, there is so much splendor to behold outside of city limits. And don’t get me wrong, I love the grandieur of nature as much as the next xtra-tuffed Alaskan lass. But there are a wealth of peculiar and beautiful gems right down the street in our neighborhoods. Curving around the sidestreets of Mountainview, down the alley ways of Spenard..

And those are the places I crave as equals to scenic back drops.
Our city has so much character, and so do the people who call on me.

Anchorage, you’re a pretty girl.
Beth and Kevin, y’all alright too.

With love,

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