The LeBlancs - Courtney & Jay - Elope Alaska - Alaska Elopement Photographer - Denali Elopement

It was late June and the wildfires had charred the sidelines of the road to Denali. The skies were thick with residual smoke and we made our journey to the wilderness.

Natives of the lower country, Courtney and Jay knew they wanted to wed with just themselves and their vows amidst lush surroundings of unadulterated scenery. And our lady Alaska, incomparable and charming mistress that she is, welcomed them in all her hazy glory.

This day was bright greens and promises spoken through tears. Stripped down to everything real that lifelong love is.

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Venue: Tonglen Lake Lodge
Views: Courtesy of good ole Denali National Park

In other vague and teasing news, new things coming around the corner for me and this business. Things that are marinating my mind in excitement. In due time, I’ll share with you dearies. Until then, keep tuning in for images of real people in love and living their lives.

With my Monday kind of love,

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