On a windy Monday night, We took a walk around their concrete jungle. Both clothed in classy¬†black against the color of the city. And so we walked.. ¬†¬† That baby in her belly is coming any day now. He will be a rad soul to encounter with parents that will teach him how to savor […]

And Then She Came // Noelle

For nine months up until then, she was inside. And then, in moments she came here- to the outside world. She was the calmest baby you’ve ever seen- a stark contrast to her sister who is the most vivacious of tiny humans. We all just marveled at Noelle. Totally content. ¬†With eyes wide open, awake […]


Today I got to document this little girls first few hours in the world. At first, she was inside. And then. Fully cooked and fully beautiful, she emerged into the world. This is Noelle and the way she was loved right from the start.

Minneapolis// Part 2.

If you’ve been following my work, you’ll recognize these two. It’s Beth and Brian, only this time with a baby inside. Before I left for Minneapolis, I found myself drowning in deadlines and a bit distracted with the tediousness of gear and business structure. Not to discredit the importance of such things, but somewhere along […]