It’s been about 15 years since we were all together. All under the same roof. Let me put it this way. Last time I was around every single one of my maternal family members, I was missing teeth and still shoving water balloons into my swimsuit, because who wouldn’t be convinced by water filled laytex […]


The plane dipped below the clouds and it was as sunny on the streets as it was in the sky. Not the Seattle anyone had ever told me about. But sweet geez, I was in heaven amongst the most beautifully blossomed city I’d ever seen. All sun, all green, sun dresses and bare legs. That […]


Something a little new and different. Some personal work to nourish my spirit and exercise my eyes. The lovely Samantha Mack. Accentuated in her retro fringe and go to hell platform kicks. Spring is here and summah is a’ comin. I’m so ready to come out of hibernation, leave my front door open all day, soak […]

Pretty In All Sorts Of Colors.

So this one time. There were these girls. Who all of the sudden turned into women (hold the phone..). Whom I also love, like nobody’s business. And they went to prahm. Geez-uh, these women are some of the most loving and compassionate people you will ever meet. Their hearts are sensitive and water-balloon-style-packed-at-the-SEAMS with love. […]