Well hello there, I’m Lauren.

As a teenager with oil pastels caked over my fingers, I spent hours trying to depict moments and forms as vividly as they appeared in my head. Along the way, my passion for creating images began to evolve as a most beloved and insistent teacher introduced my hungry heart to the art of photography.

Making photos and films quickly became synonymous for me in their unparalleled ability to suspend time and hunt for what slipped away beneath it. With a spirit that thrives on emotion and connection, I naturally found solace working with humans and capturing their lives.

The people who invite me in their lives matter to me. The time we spend together matters to me. And, as you invest your trust in me and my work, I will fully invest my efforts capturing your meaningful moments, leaving you with mementoes that matter.

If anything you’ve read here thus far inspires a “hell yes!” deep down in your soul, then…


Head on over to the contact page to tell me about yourself!


Photo by Andria Lindquist

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello! I’m interested in getting my senior pics done in the fall while the leaves are still pretty. I was wondering about the costs of your sessions? Thanks!

    • Hey Kaitlyn!

      Sorry for the delay. This comment slipped under the radar since I normally get all my inquiries via email. Could you submit the contact form on the contact page so I can get some more info from you? I’d love to talk to you about doing your senior photos!

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