It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiimmmeee of the year.

Ladies, you know I love ya.
And that is why January is one of my favorite times of the year.
I shoot boudoir year round, but this is the time when we all get together, shed our layers and celebrate how incomparably beautiful we are as women.

You. Are. LOVELY.
It’s time we savor that. And it’s time you see that with new eyes.

All photos and albums will be ready in time for V-Day AND for double your pleasure this year, we’re offering two days to choose from! Two Days. Ten Sessions. And more fun that you can shake a stick at.
1 - HDG Title Slide BlogPlay Hookie- HDG Splash PageHDG the Package 2016

This year, spreading the word has a lovely upside. We’re happy to be offering perks to you ladies who can’t stop talking about a good thing. If one of your friends books a session because of you, we’ll gift you a musical slideshow of your photos. If two of your friends book because of you, we’ll gift you a gorgeous large print as well! 

For both the “I’ve always wanted to do something like this!” honeys and “I could NEVER do something like this!” ladies alike, this one’s for you.

Session spots will be first come first served, so leave your dilly dallying at home. Email to receive the Pricing PDF and to reserve your spot!

With love,



“He is my roots,” she said.
He, a grounding presence for her, and she, the one who delights him.

On a vibrant night where the sun spoke in all her shades, a bohemian gypsy spirit and a quirky, quiet soul tied themselves together on the mountainside.

And God must have known how much she loves those colors, for that light was some of the most vivid I’ve ever seen.
SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-1 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-2 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-3 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-4 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-5 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-6 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-7 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-8 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-9 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-10SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-11aSmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-14 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-15 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-16 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-17SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-19 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-20SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-23 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-24 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-25 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-26 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-27 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-28 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-29 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-30 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-31 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-32 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-33 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-34 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-35 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-36 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-37 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-38 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-39 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-40 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-41 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-42 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-43 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-44SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-47SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-46 copySmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-48 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-49 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-50 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-51 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-52 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-53 SmithElopementBLOG-BeautyBoardMedia-LaurenRobertsPhotographer-AlyeskaWedding-54

In memory of Dottie the dog; one hell of a good looking flower girl who was much and sweetly loved by her parents.


With love,


Settle in with your Monday evening cozy clothes, put your feet up, and come hear the best kind of story.

Andrew & Jenny are the kind of people you send novel length emails to, because they’re just that easy to connect with.
The kind of people you spend 2 hours Facetiming on a friday night, because they’re just that easy to connect with.

When they asked us to come down to Kodiak to document the story of their love, they invited us in like family.
And that is no small thing.

Kodiak is a tiny town with a big heart for hospitality and Andrew & Jenny, while transplants, are perfectly placed in it.
They have this palpable kind of love for each other. They speak their own language with their hands and faces just as equally as words and their love is the kind that’s comforting to be around.

Gargantuan celebrations are rad within their own right, but there is a special initimacy when you’re surrounded by your blood kin. The stories we heard and the love we experienced amidst this family is something we won’t soon forget.

And with this film, we hope those two days of Lowd lovin’ on Kodiak Island are some they will intricately cherish for all of their days to come.

THE FILM.00_01_14_14.Still042 THE FILM.00_02_29_00.Still043 THE FILM.00_02_59_06.Still032THE FILM.00_03_54_18.Still044 THE FILM.00_04_29_00.Still033

THE FILM.00_06_29_01.Still035 THE FILM.00_09_02_09.Still037 THE FILM.00_09_36_03.Still038

The air is cold on my skin but my mind is already dreaming of the stories we’re going to tell next summer. We’re booking up for 2016 already and if you want your story told like this, we want to be there.

Thanks to Willie Dalton for shooting by my side and if you want to take a look at the day through photographs, check out the beautiful work of my friend Grace Adams over on her blog.

Happy week of thanks Lovers.
Hug the ones you love.

With love,


If you’ve been a member of the Beauty Board Club for at least a year, you’ll remember our beautiful friend Emily & her handsome boo Tyler completely in love and surrounded by the golds of autumn.

Well these are her parents, Maurice & Cinda. They have loved each other devotedly and consistently for the past thirty years. That is certainly an achievement worthy of praise, and worthy of photographs. So, to celebrate the parents who loved and raised her and loved each other the whole way through, she gifted them with this photo session.

While sitting around the fire with Maurice & Cinda, sipping on a whiskey & ginger, I asked, “What is the secret to a love that’s 30 years strong?”

Maurice looked up and he said – It’s knowing there’s three of us in this marriage; Cinda, myself, & God.

These are the Bergers with their corgi they love a whole lot, in a place they love a whole lot, doing that thing they love a whole lot.

©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015

I love long time time love. It’s comfortable and familiar. Engagement photos are wonderful and a noteworthy landmark.

But so are years of marriage.

Long time lovers (or those of you who know them), have you 1 year or many under your belt, bring yourselves to me and I will give you photos.

With love,


If there’s one thing I’ll wave my flag for, it’s couples who plan weddings that are exactly what they want for themselves.
My flag is raised high for Gary and Traci.

Traci was the girl who loved Halloween all the way down to the spooky shaped guest bathroom soap bars.
Gary was the man who loved her and sparked this glorious idea.

So on October the eighteenth of this year past, in their home nestled beneath the mountains, Gary and Traci surprised all their friends by becoming the Weirs.

FILM.00_00_06_11.Still003  FILM.00_03_24_11.Still006 FILM.00_04_16_01.Still015FILM.00_08_08_19.Still011
©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015

I’ve documented many weddings in my time, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this, and I hope I never do again.
That way, it will remain that special sort of sacred known as the day Bettlejuice and Lydia hitched their perfectly paired wagons together.

Stay safe out there this spook-day weekend kids.

With love,


It was 8:30AM on balmy morning in March when I sat down to breakfast with Shana and Dave. I knew I was in love with them before they even walked in. We sat and they told me the story of a girl who hailed from the jungles of Papua New Guinea and how she came to know and love a wild and free teacher from the ends of the earth.

[excerpts taken from Shana’s blog]

“When you are meant to be with your soulmate you can find them even at the ends of the earth..

Once upon a time, a girl took a trip out to the island of Little Diomede, an island bordering the International Dateline, and Russia. It was a rock island, in the middle of the Bering Sea, where the Bering Land Bridge used to connect Asia to North America. She was going to help out in the clinic on the island…

There was a boy who lived there…

They met at the school…He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, his “island shirt” as he called it…After seeing patients in the clinic, she left…It was a beautiful, rugged place, at the ends of the Earth, far away from where she lived. But they kept in touch…They wrote letters, skyped, and sent emails back and forth…Meanwhile, she thought of him, as she walked along the Bering Sea and the love she felt for him in her heart kept on growing…

Then he came to visit her for a third date. It was a shiningly beautiful day with the Arctic sunriset (that’s a made-up word for when the sun barely rises above the horizon and sets again) light glowing. And that’s when he got down on one knee, on the freezing Bering Sea icebergs, and asked her to marry him..”

PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-1 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-2 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-3 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-4 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-5 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-6 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-7 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-8 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-9 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-10 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-11 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-12 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-13 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-14 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-15 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-16 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-17 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-18 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-19 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-20 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-21 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-22 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-23 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-24 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-25 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-26 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-27 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-29 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-30 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-31 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-32PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-34 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-35 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-36 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-37 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-38 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-39 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-40 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-41 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-42 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-43 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-44 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-45 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-46 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-47 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-48 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-49 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-50 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-51 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-52 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-53 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-54 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-56 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-58 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-59 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-60 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-61 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-62 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-63 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-64 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-65 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-66 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-67 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-68 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-69 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-70 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-71 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-72 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-73 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-74 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-75 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-76 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-77PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-79 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-78 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-80PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-82 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-81 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-83 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-84 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-85 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-86 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-87 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-88 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-89 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-90 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-91 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-92 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-93 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-94 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-95 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-96 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-97 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-98 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-99 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-100 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-101 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-102 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-103 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-104 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-105 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-106 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-107 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-109 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-110 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-111 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-112 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-113 PadvoracBLOG-MoosePassWedding-AlaskaWeddingPhotographer-TrailLakeLodge-108Shana and Dave posses a special kind of joy and wonder most often reserved exclusively for children.
And their family and friends embody a love that swallows you whole.

I will never forget the elation and total peace I felt blazing down the Seward highway, drenched and happy with a lake-soaked Shana on my lap, marveling a force I can only call The Lord who would bring us all together for a day like this.

There is a richness to the way these people celebrate- barefoot and unhindered. It’s a kind of joy I wish to encounter a million times more over.

With immense love to you Theobalds & Padvoracs,

In other news, I’ll be releasing my new 2016 wedding packages at the start of November. All you wild and free souls, you big hearted types you lovers of story – come my way.


Those of you who follow me in the instant world know this past week I’ve been traveling with my gal pal Erica Rose in Sweden for the Way Up North photography conference.

It’s been a surreal journey thus far and oh honeys, there is much more to share with you. But for now, I leave you with this week’s select frames from the exquisite city of Stockholm.

Those Swedes like their views. And it ain’t so hard to see why.

©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015 ©Beauty Board Media || Lauren Roberts 2015I’m still on Swedish soil typing this to you with my American fingers. The lovely and invigorating chaos of the week has settled and I’m roaming the city in solitude- a rare treat to which I’m unfamiliar, but enjoy whole heartedly.

I’ll be back in the motherland at the top of next week. So for all you lovers out there who continually find yourself tuning into this station, a big hearted Padvorac wedding is coming your way next week.

With love from Sweden,